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Welcome to LaundryWizard®

LaundryWizard® is the most complete online information source to the Vended Laundry Industry. For over 20 years we have been providing the vended laundry community with valuable information to help better their business. We work with Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers and Owners. Sign up today and become a Member. Membership will give you access to: Maunfacturers (39), Distributors (155), Suppliers (132), Brochures (522), Manuals (134) and Videos (105). In addition we have the most current industry News and Classifieds. Become Laundry of the Month and be eligible for an Amazon $25 Gift Card. Submit your store video to video@LaundryWizard.com today!

Coin Laundry
Equipment Manufacturers

Manufacturers in the commercial/vended laundry industry are responsible for manufacturing washers and dryers that supply many different segments in the commercial laundry industry. The equipment they produce varies in size starting with top load washers at 14# and frontload washers or washer extractors that start at 20#s and go up to 300#'s and dryers/tumblers that start at 22#'s and go up to 200#'s

Coin Laundry
Equipment Distributors

Distributors purchase laundry equipment from Manufactures and resell the equipment into these three different business segments: 1. Coin Laundries, 2. OPL or On Premise Laundry which include Hotels, Motels and Gyms, 3. Multi Housing or Apartment laundry facilities. Distributors typically have a territory with most of them carrying a single line of equipment with some carrying multiple lines.

Coin Laundry

Suppliers are made up companies that compliment distributors by servicing, selling or suppling ancillary products to the coin laundry industry. These products include advertising, brokering, carpentry, carts, financing, furniture, heaters, insurance, janitorial, parts, security, service and vending.

Coin Laundry
Equipment Manuals

Manuals for all the major manufacturers lines of commercial laundry equipment detailing all the parts for their machines.

Coin Laundry
Equipment Brochures

Brochures and spec sheets detailing all the major manufacturers lines of commercial laundry equipment.

Coin Laundry

Laundry Locator searches for laundries in your area by using state, city or zip code.

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