Thank you for visiting a subsiderary of DBH LLC which is owned and operated by Brad Pollack a former Owner and Co-President of PWS Inc. The Laundry Company.
Laundry Wizard LLC has been servicing the Vended Laundry community since 2001. We are the Coin Laundry Network that provides coin laundry owners and potential coin laundry investors a resouce where you can find the necessary tools to enhance your laundry knowledge. Our resources include the following.

Manufacrturers- A list of current Manufacturers that build laundry equipment.
Distributors- A list of companies that sell laundry equipment throughout the U.S. and abroad.
Suppliers- A list of companies that provide ancillary equipment and services to support the laundry industry.
Laundry Locator- A lsit of laundromats that service the public.
Brochures- Spec sheets of the most current models of laundry equipment.
Manuals- Service manuals for some of the most popular equipment.
Video- Service, installation and coin laudnry info.
News- Current laundry news.
Classifieds- Place an ad for the following categories. New and Used Equipment for Sale, Parts for Sale, Job Board, Vending Equipment, Routes and Service/Misc.
Laundromats for Sale- If you're looking to sell your laundry, place your listing on our site.
Brokers- If you're in the business of selling laundries, place your info on our site.

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