Alliance Celebrates Manufacturing Milestone in Thailand

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Alliance Laundry Systems recently celebrated a significant milestone, marking the five-year anniversary of its manufacturing plant in Thailand.

The event featured the company’s top executives – including CEO Michael Schoeb, COO International Jan Vleugels, and Managing Director of Alliance Laundry Thailand Benjamin Dobbs – who shared insights into the company’s journey, expansion plans, and commitment to sustainability.

Alliance Schoeb“Our commitment to quality and innovation has been the cornerstone of our success,” said Schoeb, in a report by the Bangkok Post. “We are known for our excellent products that are designed for professionals, ensuring reliability, longevity, and efficiency.

“Sustainability is incredibly important to us,” he continued. “Our products are designed to be energy- and water-efficient, which is crucial for our professional operators.”

In fact, Alliance’s Thailand facility generates 40 percent of its power from solar energy and is on track to receive ISO 50001 environmental certification by this November.

Additionally, the company plans to double the size of its laboratory space in Thailand.

“We are expanding our engineering capabilities, bringing all our engineering teams under one roof to foster innovation and collaboration,” Dobbs shared. “We aim to continue growing and strengthening our presence in the Asia Pacific market. Our goal is to keep innovating and meeting the specific needs of our regional customers, particularly in the rapidly expanding laundromat sector.”

“We are committed to maintaining our leadership position by focusing on quality, innovation, and sustainability,” Schoeb affirmed. “The next decade promises exciting opportunities, and we are ready to meet them head-on with our talented team and cutting-edge technology.”